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Doing the same with less


We cannot sustain our Earth’s ecosystems if we continue as we are. If harmful processes are maintained unchanged, it is likely that we will run out of fossil fuels, a huge number of animal species will become extinct and the atmosphere will be irreparably damaged.

To prevent this, we must be socially responsible and focus on environmental protection and dynamic balance in human and natural systems! This includes responsible consumption, responsible production and the goal of achieving more with less resources.

Don’t think of sustainability as a limitation, think of it as possibilities!

The service we provide is helping companies to reduce the ecological and ethical footprint of their marketing assets, by creating valuable insights and solutions that makes anybody feel capable to contribute in efforts to reduce our environmental impact and social injustice.

We are going to be transparent about our environmental, social, and governance practices and we will help others doing the same.

In contrast to the linear economic model and its take-make-waste principle, which is in obvious contradiction to planetary boundaries and the idea of sustainability, a circular economy focuses on optimizing the functionality of products and materials, maintaining this functionality for as long as possible, and minimizing the production of waste and residues. As of today, the vast majority of media asset is produced linear. Therefore, we thought it is time to make a circle out of the line by means of transparent planning and design, effective production, intensification of use, reuse, upcycling and recycling.

The special thing about a circle is that at its end, you are back at the beginning. A good opportunity to think about what you could improve and apply this before the next round. This is called “Continuous Improvement Cycle”, a central component of the LEAN principle. Therefore, it was the logical next step to combine the circular economy and LEAN.

For many companies, the majority of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and cost reduction opportunities lie outside their own operations. Our approach makes the so called Scope 3 Emission accessible and thus enables transparency and improved cooperation between you and your suppliers.

Our scope of expertise is covering the following services:

  • We help you to identify savings potentials

  • We empower you to act more sustainably and achieve your self-set climate goals

  • We help you decarbonize your supply chain

  • We support you in the planning and implementation of sustainable content productions

  • We produce sustainable marketing content for you

Let's make it

The departments in companies are primarily focused on their own work without taking into account the planning of the other departments. As a result, synergy potentials are not used and resources are wasted through redundant processes.

We believe that the application of Lean has the greatest potential to solve this problem. To achieve this, each individual is encouraged to think more deeply about his or her tasks, collaborate across departmental and functional boundaries, take more responsibility, and propose innovative solutions that continuously improve the value of the product for the customer or minimizes the waste of resources. It is about understanding the purpose of an activity in the value chain and the need for better collaboration with upstream and downstream activities.

This is what we do
  • Optimization of media asset requirements through consolidation of campaign and communication planning

  • Synchronization of media asset requirements with inventory and production

  • Analysis of value creation activities and optimization of the value chain

  • Design of processes along the value chain

  • Resource planning for productions

  • Implementation of lean production methods in photo and video productions

  • Support and supervision of photo and video productions (Lean Consulting)

  • Documentation, comminication and implementation of learnings

  • Development and implementation of sustainable content management

This is in it for you
  • Increasing productivity and cost savings
  • Less waste
  • More effective use of resources
  • Improved collaboration
  • More motivated employees
  • Rising value of media assets
Let's make it

Do local campaigns need international models in foreign places? Is it really necessary to take a German car to the other side of the world to explain to Germans what “pure driving pleasure” means? We believe it is possible to achieve the same goal with fewer emissions.

That’s why we have developed a Sustainable Production Guideline (SPG) that applies the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to media asset productions.

We are helping our clients to produce their media assets in a way that is more environmentally friendly and free from social injustice. We assess, evaluate and review all key suppliers involved in production to ensure sustainability at all levels.

The implementation of the Sustainable Production Guideline is at the heart of our activities.

This is what we do
  • Calculation of planned emissions (CO2 balance forecast)

  • Optimization of the use of resources through the analysis and revision of production concepts

  • Development of requirement profiles for suppliers

  • Screening, selection and briefing of suppliers

  • Planning and realization of photo and video productions on the basis of the Sustainable Production Guideline (SPG)

  • Development of requirement profiles for suppliers

  • Measurement and evaluation of the actual emissions generated

  • Benchmarking against the forecast, previous productions or the market

  • Elaboration of suitable compensation options for unavoidable emissions

  • Support for ESG reporting and certification of productions

This is in it for you
  • Improved brand image and resulting competitive advantage
  • Cost savings
  • Improved ability to adapt to new regulatory requirements
  • Increasing attractiveness for employees, applicants and investors
Let's make it

Sustainability doesn’t work without transparency, and responsibility doesn’t stop at our doorstep. But the striving for transparency is often countered by the fear of losing intellectual property, competitive advantages or to being exposed to criticism. The same applies to the upstream supply chain, which was not designed to be transparent either. And finally, the ROI for investing in transparency does not always satisfy near-term requirements.

This is what we do
  • Development and implementation of measures to prevent Anti-social behaviour

  • ... to prevent corruption and bribery

  • ... to comply with the Antimonopoly Act

  • ... to comply with antitrust and competition laws

  • ... to comply with and respect intelectual property rights

  • ... to comply with the Modern Slavery Act

  • ... to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, contractors and partners

  • ... to foster equal opportunity

This is in it for you
  • Brand love
  • Fewer points of attack for critics, less risks for "shitstorms"
  • Improved ability to adapt to new regulatory requirements
  • Increasing attractiveness for employees, applicants and investors
Let's make it

Why should anyone find a better solution than the person who faces the problem every day? We believe that the best solution to your challenge is to be found within your own ranks. Sometimes you don’t see it, sometimes you don’t trust your own abilities, sometimes time doesn’t allow it, sometimes it’s the rules, sometimes it’s routine or lack of support. And that’s where we come in. We’re at your side when you want to challenge the status quo, break down silos, or make the impossible possible. We’re your experts, your supporters, the critical voice and the kick in the butt. We are creative professionals with years of experience in campaign development and media production who want to work with you to make marketing more sustainable.

Since we are part of the problem, we are also perfectly qualified to be part of the solution.
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